Once upon a time there was a little house built on a tree

As in a fairy tale for adults and children

Once upon a time there was a house built in the tree overlooking an enchanted valley, and there in that house lived...

There's nobody living here, don't worry! Our tree house, although uninhabitable, can be used by everyone: children who want to spend some time in a fairy tale and grown-ups who look for the same thing while becoming children again.

The tree house can offer you a spectacular ending of your day in the Chianti: hand in hand with the person you love, you can watch the ruddy sun that goes into hiding behind the sweet slopes of the Tuscan hills leaving the last rays draping the sky in red.

You can also get the taste of the fresh morning air while having breakfast in a privileged position or you can simply realise a dream which we all had when we were children, maybe while playing with your own little ones.

But is it stable?

Don't worry; the tree house is absolutely safe. It has been designed by competent engineers and built according to the plan. No fear!